High Protein Low Carlorie Foods

Learning how to manage your hunger and feel fuller for longer is key to achieving your weight management goals. Herbalife gives you
some tips on what foods enhance satiety whilst keeping calorie intake  in check.

Satiety: maintaining the feeling of fullness for longer
Ensuring you eat satiety foods such as protein and fibre is a great way to stop over-eating; helping to reduce overall energy intake and achieve weight management goals.

Protein takes longer and more energy to digest than simple carbohydrates.
Fibre takes longer to digest than simple carbohydrates and acts as a buking agent.

Drinking water is good for general health and wellbeing plus, it can be a good way to help stop over-eating. Drink a large glass of water before each meal, and as you eat – you’ll notice you feel fuller much sooner than normal!

“I know protein is essential for good nutrition and elps satiety. I eat lean meat, but can you recommend some other foods that are a good source of protein but with low calories to help add variety to my diet?”

Lean meats such as fish, chicken, turkey and lean red meats are all good sources of animal protein but it is good to include protein from vegetarian sources for variety, plus they are often lower in saturated fats.

Good sources of non-meat proteins are:

  •  Eggs – try to limit to no more than one a day.
  •  Pulses, nuts and seeds – almonds and walnuts are a great between meal snack.
  •  Soya products such as tofu and soya beans.
  •  Grains and dairy products – provide a small amount of protein.#

Plant proteins are generally higher in fibre which will also aid satiety

High Protein Low Calorie Foods


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